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Best Volleyball Shoes

Deep Dive: The Best Volleyball Shoes in 2020

Most Popular Womens Volleyball Shoes:

Most Poplular Womens Volleyball Shoes

Nike Zoom Hyperace is a stylish yet durable womens volleyball shoe. Wearers love the comfort it provides. A major contributing factor here is that the shoe fits true to size, whereas many volleyball shoes are either tighter or looser than what you’d expect. Pros of the Nike Zoom HyperAce 2: Rated as being among the best womens volleyball shoes currently on the market Grippy outsoles allow you to stay in control of your movements on the court A classic design will keep these shoes looking fresh for longer The shoe is spacious enough to fit an ankle brace if needed. Cons of the Nike Zoom HyperAce 2: While the outsole’s grip is certainly generous enough, it tends to show wear after several months of use. Verdict: If you’re looking for a reliable and good-looking pair of womens volleyball shoes, it’s hard to go wrong with the Nike Zoom HyperAce 2. The pair easily ranks among the most popular volleyball shoes, and deservedly so.

Best Womens shoes for Liberos:

Adidas CrazyFlight x 2.0 Given that liberos need to be nimble, which includes frequent sudden digging, the best volleyball shoes for this position need to offer good control, stability, and reinforcement. The Adidas CrazyFlight X 2.0 delivers these characteristics in spades while also being a relatively affordable shoe. Pros of the Adidas CrazyFlight X 2.0: Offers the necessary bounce for players in positions that require frequent diving or jumping. Cushioning will also protect your ankles from hard landings. The lightweight nature of these shoes will help you get around the court much faster than heavier pairs. Cons of the Adidas CrazyFlight X 2.0: Rigorous players will replace these shoes fairly often; many wearers point out that the cushioning gives out after a few months of near-daily use at the professional level. A somewhat narrow toe area can leave some foot shapes feeling cramped. Verdict: The Adidas CrazyFlight X 2.0 is among the best shoes for volleyball players who hit the court infrequently or don’t mind replacing their shoes more often. In exchange, you’ll get a breathable, lightweight volleyball shoe that will have you bouncing around the court effortlessly.

Best Womens Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 is a hitter’s dream volleyball shoe. It features the brand’s Dura Shield outsole technology, which is designed specifically to facilitate hitting via enhanced acceleration and kick off. The pair’s lightweight nature also makes it advantageous for setters that need to rush up and down the court frequently. Pros of the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3: Benefit from Mizuno’s years of experience designing some of the best shoes for volleyball. The shoe’s design is a rare combination of extensive cushioning and lightness, meaning you don’t sacrifice safety for the sake of whizzing up and down the court Consof the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3: Each shoe is a bit narrower than you might expect, with some users complaining of the side seam rubbing against their foot and causing soreness with extensive play; avoid this problem by buying either a half or whole size up. The shoes can look a little dated, for people who care about those things. Verdict: Despite being an older-looking shoe, the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 is jack-packed with an impressive amount of modern features that provide comfort and functionality.

Best for Breathablility

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5 Mid Mizuno volleyball shoes in Canada have acquired a reputation for breathability. This is especially true of the Wave Lightning Z5 Mid, which features engineered mesh and Mizuno’s proprietary Wave technology that offers a lightweight and stable fit. Pros of the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5 Mid: These are the best shoes for volleyball players that need a long-lasting grip. Many wearers have praised the support these shoes offer while still being lightweight enough for positions that need to remain agile on the court. Cons of the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5 Mid: Mizuno volleyball shoes in Canada have a reputation for being on the smaller and narrower side; the Wave Lightning Z5 Mid is no exception, with some users complaining of the fit being too tight. Verdict: There’s a reason Mizuno has such a strong following; the comfort and wearability of their volleyball shoes is unparalleled. As long as you buy half a size up, you shouldn’t have any problems getting these shoes to fit.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Ventilation:

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 comes with similar features as the Z3 and Z4. Where these womens volleyball shoes really shine, however, is in their breathability. The shoe’s air mesh upper prevents humidity from building up in the shoe and making your feet feel uncomfortable during extended play. Pros of the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4: The shoes offer incredible breathability, with some wearers describing them as better in this regard than the Mizuno Z3s. Great traction without being too grippy. Cons of the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4: This is another shoe that rigorous players will find themselves replacing more often; after a few months of consistent use, you’ll begin to see signs of wear. Verdict: If you’ve had difficulty with the breathability of volleyball shoes in the past, the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 is worth trying.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Durability

Mizuno Wave Momentum for women eschews an excessive reliance on mesh, instead opting for a more rigid ankle section. While you’ll pay the price by way of more heft, players who don’t mind that will enjoy the shoe’s enhanced durability. Pros of the Mizuno Wave Momentum for Women: As mentioned previously, the shoes are very durable thanks to a more rigid construction than you’ll find on most non-sew, primarily-mesh options. Another perk of the added bulk is a more robust outsole, which makes for lasting grip on the court. Despite being heftier, the shoe is still breathable, offering a decent amount of comfort. Cons of the Mizuno Wave Momentum for Women: If you need to zip around the court at lightning speed, the heft of these shoes will be prohibitive. The shoe arrives stiff and performs best after being broken in (this could, of course, be seen as a positive for players that compete rigorously and/or like to break shoes in on their own). Verdict: These are easily the best shoes for volleyball players who want something long-lasting and are willing to sacrifice a little bit of mobility to get it.

How To Choose the Best Shoes for Volleyball

Now that you know our picks for the best volleyball shoes, let’s take a closer look at the criteria you should consider when choosing.

  • Because the outsole is the part of the shoe that makes direct contact with the court, it should play a major role in your purchasing decision. Generally, you want your outsole to deliver a reasonable amount of traction without inhibiting your movement or flexibility. This is why you’ll typically notice that the best volleyball shoes have an extensive amount of traction.

  • Volleyball can be a very involved sport. Repetitive ankle injuries are common thanks to the stress your ankles get put under during gameplay. You can limit this substantially by choosing a shoe with the appropriate amount of support for your position. Look for shoes with a strong yet flexible midsole that won’t keep your feet locked into place, which can cause strain.

  • The right volleyball shoe is not as dependent on position as, say, a baseball glove. Still, it helps to keep your position in mind when weighing between durability and weight. Positions that require fast movements on the court (i.e. outside hitter) generally benefit from a lighter shoe while opposite hitters and middle blockers may enjoy more support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The best volleyball shoes are those designed specifically for the sport. If you tried to wear, say, basketball shoes on the volleyball court, you’d find it very difficult to move around quickly given that they do not offer the support needed for lateral movements. Think about it; a basketball player primarily moves forward on the court rather than shifting sideways for long periods (which would often be an illegal move).

  • If you play competitive volleyball and are serious about winning, you absolutely need dedicated volleyball shoes. If other players are wearing dedicated volleyball shoes and you’re not, you’ll be at a significant disadvantage.

  • Volleyball shoes typically have a gummy sole and provide the necessary support for lateral movements. You’ll also typically notice that the tread is more intricate than on generic runners since traction is such an important part of volleyball.

  • Yes, there are special shoes for volleyball players. They typically include features that facilitate better play on the court whereas shoes designed for running, indoor soccer, basketball, or some other sport will leave you struggling to keep up.

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