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Hockey Uniforms

About Our Custom Hockey Jerseys in Canada

Kahunaverse Sports is the leading supplier of custom team hockey jerseys in Canada. We carry our own designs as well as the best gear from adidas, CCM and Athletic Knit.

In addition to custom-made hockey jerseys, you’ll find all of the accessories and custom apparel to help your team dominate the ice. That includes socks, travel gear, team spirit wear, and fan apparel.
Our expertise in providing custom team ice hockey jerseys means you’ll get the right fit and style for your team.
Select and style your team’s apparel by choosing your uniforms from one of our Hockey Uniform catalogues. Then, work with our professional service group to add your custom team logo and personalization to finalize the look!

Why Choose Kahunaverse Sports for Custom Hockey Jerseys in Canada?

Our nationwide sales staff has been helping customers find the right custom team hockey jerseys for decades. This valuable experience helps us get things right the very first time. Deal with confidence!
Learn more about Kahunaverse and what we do here.

Tips for Buying Custom-Made Hockey Jerseys

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for custom hockey jerseys in Canada.

1) Go with a trusted supplier

There is a lot to consider when ordering your custom-made hockey jerseys. Some of the first items to consider are “what is my budget” and “how soon do I need them by”? As an example, a fully sublimated uniform may take a longer time to manufacture but will provide a great customization experience and easy reordering. A stock uniform may be able to be turned around quickly and at a better cost, but reordering can be more difficult and more costly for small repeat orders.

Kahunaverse Sports has a great list of options for all budgets. Our trusted sales and customer service team will also work with you to pick the right product that not only meets your vision now but in the future as well. Choosing a reliable team apparel provider will ensure you’re not disappointed on any front. You can’t go wrong with Kahunaverse Sports; teams across Canada have entrusted our staff since the 1980s.

2) Get a detailed quote

There are many options when it comes to selecting the perfect custom-made hockey jerseys. Depending on whether you choose a fully sublimated custom hockey jersey or add your own customization to one of our hundreds of stock jerseys available, make sure there are no hidden fees on your quote.

Ideally, quotes should show you how much each jersey, pant or uniform costs. It should also show you what sizes, colours and the deadline date in which you need your custom hockey jerseys by. Lastly, make sure the customization costs and all taxes and freight are clearly shown. At lot goes into customizing the perfect team hockey jersey, make sure there are no surprises on your invoices or receipts by confirming everything beforehand.

3) The details are in the art proof

All custom team ice hockey jersey suppliers should provide you with a fully detailed digital art proof of your custom jersey or products.
You should carefully review each art proof to ensure the correct logos, logo sizes, colours, fonts and customizations like numbers and names are accurate.
With any transaction (even with reliable parties), there’s the possibility of miscommunications occurring on either side. A careful review of this final proof will prevent these from happening.
Make Sure You See a Sample Image Before Buying
Any reputable custom team ice hockey jersey manufacturer will provide the customer with a digital representation of their jersey design before making the product.
You should carefully review these samples, ensuring the colors and other specifications are correct before making your payment.
With any transaction (even with reliable parties), there’s the possibility of miscommunications occurring on either side. A careful review of this final proof will catch those.

4) Double-Check player information

Custom team ice hockey uniforms are more than just a jersey. For many young players they can mean so much more. The wrong size, logo or misspelled player name can quickly ruin the magic.
Double-check each player’s spelling on your art proofs carefully before submitting it to your Kahunaverse Sports custom team hockey jersey sales rep.

About Kahunaverse Sports

Kahunaverse is Canada’s leading supplier of team sporting equipment. Our company is the result of a merger between Home Run Sports (founded in 1986) and Big Kahuna Sport Co (founded in 1998). We are an athlete-run company, which helps us offer a very smooth experience for our clients.

Our nationwide sales team stands ready to help you with custom hockey jerseys or anything else you might need!