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General Inquiries

  • Both the Big Kahuna and Home Run Sports teams recognized an opportunity to combine two great companies with similar values and objectives into one. We recognized that as a single company we could offer and even great experience and product selection for all our team, online and in-store customers that is unlike any in Canada.

  • While we will never forget the history and focus that helped make Home Run Sports and Big Kahuna the great companies they are, moving forward they will both officially be known as Kahunaverse Sports Group.

    While we look to transition both Home Run Sports and Big Kahuna to the new brand name Kahunaverse Sports you may still see their respective logos on our website, some of our materials and more. We understand that both our companies have rich histories in Canada and so we will be working to transition our brand in the marketplace slowly over to Kahunaverse Sports.

  • We still have the same great owners, just under a new name and structure. As for the rest of the team they are still here. As a new company we have now become one great big team which we continue to grow regularly. We are proud of our team and know they are integral members of this organization.

    Want to join the team? See a list of all our great opportunities on our careers page here.

  • Expect the same great service, product and pricing you have always come to expect from us but more! From a brand new website, to new store locations and designs, to enhanced customer service solutions and more. We are so excited at what lies ahead and all the great solution we will be bringing you. As our valued customers and partners our endless goal is to make your experience with Kahunaverse Sports the best in the game.

  • Our retail locations are our designated store locations. Here you can shop for all the latest and greatest apparel and equipment for you personal or team needs. Our retail locations also have in-house team sales staff to help support you and your group ordering needs.

    Our non-retaillocations are solely dedicated to team and group orders and have no store front or point of purchase options. Here you can meet with your local sales representative or get more information on team and group purchasing options.

  • That is correct. Now that we have merged both these website addresses automatically direct you to our new website Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us here.

  • To outfit and inspire the athlete in all of us and help create a lifetime of memories through the journey of sport, from prospect to pro.

  • We take our carbon footprint very seriously and do our best to continually refine our efforts to minimize the impact on the environment and the communities in which we serve.

    For a copy of our current green initiatives click here.

My Account

  • Not to worry we still have all your order information available.

    For team accounts any artwork or customized information is also still available should it be required.

  • All accounts have been transferred to Kahunaverse Sports. You may see new Sales Quotes, Packing Slips and Invoices forms than you have in the past.

  • Any previous order on your account will be available upon request. All customers will need to create a new account on the website

  • That’s easy you can update your online account information anytime in the My Account.

  • Payments can be made out to Kahunaverse Sports Group. Cheques made out to Home Run Sports or Big Kahuna Sport Co. can still be accepted.

  • Simply talk one of our Team Sales Representative and they will coordinate with our finance team to get a team account setup.

Shipping & Returns

  • To view full details of our shipping terms and conditions visit our Terms and Condition link at the bottom of this page.

  • We ship anywhere within the 10 provinces and three territories of Canada. Please contact us for international shipment options.

  • Orders are processed within 24 hrs of receiving them. Depending on your location orders can take 3-7 business days to arrive.


  • All the items on our website available for purchase are in stock so long as there is inventory available.

    For team apparel, uniform and equipment items these are marked as “In Stock” in our catalogues and are available for order with your Team Sales Representative.

  • We pride ourselves on helping you find the best products for your needs.

    There are a few ways to get more information on a product:

    • Use our Contact Us page.
    • Visit one of our retail locations. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help answer any of your product questions.
    • Use our Live Chat – If we have a live representative online feel free to message us to get more details on your items.
    For team uniforms, equipment and apparel feel free to email your local team sales representative or call your local Kahunaverse Sports location to speak to one of our team members. Find My Nearest Locations.

  • This is part of what makes Kahunaverse Sports so much better than all others. Not only to we provide the best selection of products fr the sports you love, we also offer the best selection of team and institutional products for group purchasing needs. That means some of our products are available for purchase online or at one of our retail locations, while some items are only available for order through your team account sales representative.

    Some of our products are available for purchase online and in-store and also can be ordered on account. Our goal is to provide the biggest selection of inventory for all your sports needs.

  • You can see a list of all the brands we carry here.

  • Yes they are. If you have any concerns please contact your nearest Kahunaverse Sports retail location.

  • You can continue to expect the same great competitive pricing on all our items.

    Part of the reason we merged was to bring you even more of the products you love. Expect even more of the hottest brands and items in all your favourite sports form baseball, football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, rugby and more. That means more of the footwear, equipment and apparel for both players and teams. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter (link to newsletter signup) so you don’t miss any new product release.

    Our KV Gear lineup is one of the hottest brands on the market for custom team orders. Check it out at

Team Sales

  • There are a few ways you can place a team or group order.

    • Use our Contact Us page. Here you can provide all the order details, information or questions and a local knowledgeable team sales representative will quickly be in contact with you to assist.
    • Fill in any of the ‘Request a Quote’ forms on our Catalogue pages.
    • Call your nearest Kahunaverse Sports Location and speak to one of our team experts.
    • Visit your nearest Kahunaverse Sports Location and speak to one of our team experts.

  • To meet your local Team Sales Representative simply contact your nearest Kahunaverse Sports Location. You can also use our Contact Us page or speak with our Live Chat representative if they are online.

  • Our friendly and knowledgeable team sales members are the best in the businesses. They can help with everything from selecting the best products that fit within your budget, get you samples to try on and feel, provide quotes, organize partnership presentations, connect you with our retail and marketing team for tournament and event activation and more.

    Our team sales members pride on being your point of contact for all your team and group order needs.

  • We are quickly working on a new way for you to order and place your team and group orders online. Right now you can submit use our ‘Request and Order’ form on any of our Catalogue Pages or send us a message through our Contact Page.

    Have you tried our Online Team Stores? Learn about the power of using our temporary group online order stores to handle all the payment and logistics that come with team purchases.

  • Absolutely, just contact your local Team Sales Representative to organize a sample viewing.

  • Team orders usually take anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on the complexity of your order. Always consult your team sale representative to get a accurate timeline on your order.

    Custom sublimated, miTeam, cut & sew and other highly custom or exclusive orders are on a order-by-order basis.

  • This depends on your order. If you are ordering equipment there are generally no minimums required unless indicated.
    For custom apparel and uniform orders minimums will vary. Unless identified on our flyers or promotions you are best to consult your team sales representative for more details.

  • Simple contact your team sales representative and they will happily give you an update on your order.

    For Online Team Store orders please use our Contact Us page and have your order number ready.

  • Absolutely. We have a variety of options to assist to ensure you get the exact look and feel of you are after. Your team sales representative will help you select the best option to fit your needs and budget.


  • We we get many requests for sponsorships and donations, which is why we have built loyalty and partnership programs to support those groups we work with.

    Want to join our loyalty program? Contact Us for more information or speak with your Team Sales Representative.