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An externally worn device that aids in the protection of the brain from effects associated with repetitive sub-concussive head impacts.

Protection From Within

The Q-Collar helps stabilize the brain by applying light pressure to the jugular veins. This pressure slightly increases blood volume inside the skull and helps reduce the brain's movement, which is the primary cause of brain injuries.


For Repetitive
Sub-Concussive Impacts

It's not always about the big hit or the clearly diagnosed concussion. Repeated hits to the head, even smaller impacts, called sub-concussive hits, have been shown to result in structural changes to an athlete's brain over the course of a season. As validated by the FDA, the Q-Collar helps protect the brain from repetitive sub-concussive head impacts.

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Brain Movement =
Brain Injury

The technology behind the Q-Collar was first envisioned by doctors who identified the movement of the brain inside the skull, or "slosh", as a key cause of structural changes to the brain. By inventing a simple, yet innovative, device worn around the neck, these doctors determined they could help reduce the movement of the brain.

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Get the Right Fit

Our fit check tool helps ensure the right fit right out of the box. The included carrying case protects your Q-Collar when it's not protecting you.

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Real Athletes.

Real Stories.

adam player

"It's about safety;
it's about longevity.

We all talk about player safety, we all talk about brain health, and this is just another step. [The Q-Collar] is really unique and if it's going to help me with my safety and brain health, I'm going to listen up."

Adam Bighill, CFL Linebacker

player meghan

"I think the Q-Collar is a game-changer for youth sports.

I know from the research that it's the repeated hites that are the problem. So if I can use the Q-Collar to help protect me from those hits, I'm going to wear it every day, evey game, every practice.

Meghan Klingenberg, NWSL Defender